Mind Body Institute

Mind Body Institute of Northern Michigan

Exclusive to our school is your instructors experience of having worked at world-class and award-winning spas, along with over 20 years experience in Therapeutic Bodywork, Natural Health, and Life Enrichment programs. You will have an opportunity to learn first hand how a therapeutic practice, natural health business and world class spa operates.

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Mind Body Institute Massage Classes

Mind Body Institute Classes

Whether it’s personal growth a new career or continuing education , we look forward to traveling down the path together with you. The results from this course of study provide you with the tools for yourself and to guide others to live healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

Areas of study at Mind Body Institute include Massage and Bodywork, Mind Body & Spirit, Art of Creativity, Leadership, and Sustainability.

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Jim Baker Mind Body Institute

Meet Jim Baker, LMT, CNHP

Jim is a Graduate Massage Therapist and a Certified Natural Health Professional, an entrepreneur, business owner, and natural health and spa consultant.

As the school founder, Jim brings over 18 years experience as a co-founder, owner and director at two widely respected Schools of Natural Health and Massage.
With over 20 years combined experience in Therapeutic Bodywork, Natural Health, and Life Enrichment programs, his classes are fast paced and reflective of his enthusiasm for his subject and his students.

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