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Massage and Bodywork Practitioner Diploma program

Massage and Bodywork Practitioner Diploma program

Massage and Bodywork Practitioner
Hours: 625 | Weekday and Weekend schedules:11 months

Whether you see yourself working at a of a world-class spa, as an independent contractor, or as a business owner; the Massage and Bodywork Practitioner Diploma program will prepare you to be successful in the field of massage and bodywork. Students will learn relaxation, therapeutic, advanced and specialized modalities. You will be taught how to assess your clients, create a treatment plan and to use proper body mechanics for a customized, safe and effective treatment. You will learn how to be successful and attain your desired goals in this field, with classes in spa protocols, therapeutic outcome based treatment plans, building clientele, marketing, management, creative thinking and overcoming challenges. Each course in the program is designed to build a foundation. The individual classes are a combination of hands on learning and practice, lecture and media presentations with interactive communication and participation. The classes are structured to be dynamic and adjustable to fit the needs of each student. The atmosphere is relaxed and presented in a logical easy to learn manner.

425 in class Hours and 200 Online Hours

This program meets the required 625hr for State licensing.