Mind Body Institute


Jim Baker Mind Body InstituteJim Baker, LMT, CNHP, teaches the Massage and Bodywork Practitioner Diploma Program and is the founder and owner of Mind Body Institute in northern Michigan.

Jim is a Graduate Massage Therapist and a Certified Natural Health Professional, an entrepreneur, business owner, and natural health and spa consultant. Jim is a respected and highly skilled instructor/ practitioner for massage and bodywork. He specializes in myo-fascia release, muscle energy correction techniques, deep tissue, sports massage, herbology, fitness training, kinesiology, equine sports massage and light touch therapy.

As the school founder, Jim brings over 18 years experience as a co-founder, owner and director at two widely respected Schools of Natural Health and Massage. In the classroom he draws on 20 years of real life application and instructing experience. His entire focus is to prepare you for a successful career as a massage therapist.

Jim Baker’s classes are fast paced and reflective of his enthusiasm for his subject and his students. You are seen as an individual and the lesson is presented so that you will enjoy learning. A lot of hands on practice, open two way communication and immediate feedback. Bring your notebook and be ready for a humor laden, highly informative learning experience.


Sandy Chambers-Herzog

Massage Instructor

Sandy teaches the Massage and Bodywork Practitioner Diploma program and comes to Mind Body with over 25 years experience in teaching and administration and many years experience as a massage therapist.  She is a licensed massage therapist, licensed esthetician, educator, and has a master’s degree in administration and leadership.

Sandy is a respected and highly skilled educator.  She is the founder and owner of a successful private massage and esthetics practice, About Face and Body.  She also has extensive experience working in the spa/resort industry. Sandy specializes in Deep Tissue, therapeutic massage, and essential oils.

In education, Sandy has experience teaching all levels and ages from elementary to high school and adult learners in conference situations.  In the classroom, Sandy’s focus is to prepare the student for a successful career as a massage therapist in various settings including private practice, medical settings, and the resort/spa industry. Her classes are fast paced and reflect her enthusiasm for the subject manner.  There are a lot of hands on practice and classroom time with various modalities including PowerPoint presentations, projects, and open communication.