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Application Financing Information

Get Application Financing Information

This will explain the steps to apply to MBI’s Massage and Bodywork Practitioner program.
If you would like information on financing you will find the contact links at the bottom of the page.

Step one:
Read completely through the catalog.  It is important that you read the catalog completely as it becomes part of the agreement. The forms to apply and register are at the back.

Download a copy of the catalog


Step two:
Fill out the application (the first 2 pages of forms) and mail it to our main office at 1992 M119 #B, Petoskey MI 49770. Make sure to include a copy of your photo ID, a copy of your high school diploma or equivalent or college degree and the application fee of 150.
We will process your application and send you a confirmation email.

The application does not reserve your place in the program. To reserve your place go to step three. (registration). What the application does is tell us to contact you when the class is filling up, to see if you want to register at that time.


Step three:
Fill out the registration and payment agreement (the last four forms) and mail them to our main office at 1992 M119 #A, Petoskey MI 49770. Include your payment for the registration 1,200 and the equipment 990 fees. (total 2,190). We will process your registration and send you a confirmation email that your place is now reserved in the program.

You can also contact us to make an appointment to tour the school and we will answer your questions and help you with the forms.

Bear in mind there are discounts for both having your own table and for paying all the fees before class starts.

We have a student loan company that will finance the registration, equipment and tuition for your program. You only pay MBI’s application fee of 150 and fill out the loan for the rest. The interest rate is good and the monthly payments are very low. Since MBI will be paid in only a few payments you will receive a payment discount of $250. If you would like more information contact Jim at MBI.

Email: Info@GetConnectedMBI.com

Phone: 231-881-9036

Or you can contact Michigan Rural Rehabilitation Corporation and ask about their Tuition Assistance

Website –  http://www.mrrccollegeloans.com/tarff-loans
email: mrrc@mrrccollegeloans.com
Local Phone: (269) 781-4646 or Toll-free (800) 835-0650